America "Scratch and Dent"

NOTE:  This batch of shirts was sent to us by a company that misrepresented themselves.  They claimed to be made in the USA, and all the materials were cut and dyed in the US.  THey did not tell us though that they send their shirts out of country to be assembled... and we didn't find out till they were already printed... SOOOOOOOOOOOOO

We took a HUGE hit but we are still going to sell the shirts at a reduced rate, needless to say we WILL NOT be doing business with that company again!  Because we believe here at Killfoot Clothing that American Labor continues to build this country so we want to invest in it in everything we do!


No Exchanges will be made on these Scratch and Dent Shirts as we will not be printing them on these shirts again, we will solely be using our traditional source.

America "Scratch and Dent"



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