Killfoot Silkies Hike Connecticut!

Limited Inventory!


We had an amazing time at Silkies Hike Connecticut.  Those of you who were not able to make it and Ruck the 22K to end 22 a day can still take advantage of and get a tshirt.  We met so many other amazing veterans and active duty looking forward to next year!


Suicide is never the answer, if you are struggling contact the VA crisis hotline, even get in touch with me and I'll talk to you.  There are always resources out there to fix most any problem, you are not alone!

Killfoot Silkies Hike Connecticut!

  • Grown In America

    Printed In America

    By American Citizens


    Need I say More?


    100% Preshrunk Cotton


  • If you don't like your shirt, If you put the dryer on high and shrunk your shirt too much, if you don't like how American your shirt is. Let us know.


    We will refund or exchange your shirt, no questions asked, ever!


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