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U.S. Army 2002-2008

Airborne Infantryman

Like many fellow Americans and Patriots we take pride in showing our love for our country, guns, and our brothers and sisters we served with. We wanted to wear something that says, I'm an American, my hand goes over my heart for the National Anthem, and I will fight to preserve what we have here.

But what good is wearing a shirt that says all of that, if that shirt itself is a lie. 

Too Many

other companies sell you shirts, Made In China, Assembled in Mexico. Made to order from an online company they themselves don't even know where it is coming from. How is that Patriotic? 

EVERY one of our shirts is Manufactured, Designed, Printed, Packaged, Shipped right here in The United States Of America. PERIOD

EVERY shirt is Designed, Printed, Sold, Packaged, and Shipped By ONLY Veterans.  We make it a priority to hire the best people and we think our Brother and Sister veterans are better than anyone else with their Selfless Service, Integrity, Ethics, and Dedication to Duty.  Every person you meet at a Killfoot Clothing vending table is always going to be a Veteran or direct family member, Period!

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