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Custom Orders!

Do you have:

  • A Platoon?

  • A Boat? 

  • A Sports Team?

  • A Business?

  • A Family Outing?  

  • A Motorcycle Club?

  • A Veteran's Organization?

Why not get some high quality shirts that are made in the USA, Designed, Printed, and Shipped by Veterans of the United States of America!

We 're not going to price compete with your local place, but we will provide a much more patriotic product!

You can proudly show the flag on your sleeve and tell them your shirts are

Made in the USA


So tell everyone else to keep their "Made In Vietnam" crap

and get your custom shirts

printed by Killfoot Clothing and help give back to Veterans!

Just fill out our quote form below, give us an idea of what you are looking for,

  • Number of Pieces

  • Color and style of shirt or sweatshirt 

  • Material type specifications

  • Front and Back print or just one sided 

  • Approximate number of colors in the design

We will get back to you as quick as we can!



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