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Betsy-Gadsden Snapback “Trucker”

Betsy Gadsden Snapback

Red, White and Blue Baby!

mesh back trucker style

Want a hat that will make you shoot faster, more accurate, and get hits on target every time? Well WE HAVE THE HAT FOR YOU (results may vary)

Why are our hats are better than everyone else?Made In USA!

-Will make you more attractive to the opposite sex

-Will tighten your shot group

-Will make you run further, faster, then you ever have before

-Transforms you into a Bald Eagle Riding, Teddy Roosevelt fist bumping, Murican Flag Waving, WICKED AWESOME COOLGUY, IMMEDIATELY 🇺🇸

If you don't like it, if its too much Awesome raw power for you, if you don't think you actually have your "Cool Factor" Improved, we will take it back, no BS, no questions asked! Killfoot Clothing Snapbacks, will be available in one size fits most Curved brim, Black with black mesh back

Betsy-Gadsden Snapback “Trucker”

  • If you don't like your hat, If you put the dryer on high and shrunk it too much, if you don't like how American your hat is.

    If its now too big, too small, smelly, not smelly enough or you actually bought it for your dog and its doesnt fit them?


    Let us know.


    We will refund or exchange your shirt, no questions asked, ever!

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