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Killfoot Fleece

Killfoots have 2 Missions in Life. Kick in doors of our enemies, and put some Truly American Made Clothing on the back of every citizen.


You are American, You love that shit

Proud of our Military, You rep that shit

Love Guns, You shoot that shit

Stand for the Flag, F*** yeah you do

Killfoot Fleece

Color: Black
  • 100% Grown In America

    100% Manufactured In America

    100% Printed In America

    By 100% American Citizens


    Need I say More?

  • If you don't like your shirt, If you put the dryer on high and shrunk your shirt too much, if you don't like how American your shirt is. Let us know. We probably don't care what you have to say. But we will we refund you and will gladly take our American Made Product Back.

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