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Savage 3/4 Baseball Tee

Release your inner Savage

Give Zero F@&K$

You're a woman, be an animal

Bring out the beast inside and don't just push limits, destroy them!


Women are brought up being told to be docile

Don't stand out too much

Don't attract too much attention

Don't get too strong




Stand out from the crowd

Intimidate the guys at the range

Impress everyone at the gym

Set the standard and surpass the expectations at work


Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Elite, BE A SAVAGE!


3/4 Sleeve

100% Cotton

300% Awesome

Savage 3/4 Baseball Tee

Color: Black and White
  • 100% Grown In America

    100% Manufactured In America

    100% Printed In America

    By 100% American Citizens


    Need I say More?

  • If you don't like your shirt, If you put the dryer on high and shrunk your shirt too much, if you don't like how American your shirt is. Let us know. We probably don't care what you have to say. But we will we refund you and will gladly take our American Made Product Back.

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