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New Year New?


New years resolution time right?

Screw that, because we all know what happens, two weeks into that workout, a couple months at the time going twice a week...

Diet drops off after a couple pounds are down and you are REALLY needin that pizza after a rough week, or taco tuesday is just SCREAMING for SUCCESS right now?

Sound familiar?

Don't make resolutions this year... make goals

Give yourself some HARD and REAL goals, no not some balogna like I'm going to be a millionaire by July

1) I want to lose 10 pounds quarterly

2) By July I want to be down 20 pounds

3) By the end of the year I want to be down at minimum 40 pounds

Sound unrealistic? Well it is if you only focus on one thing!

Everyone gets tunnel vision so create smaller steps along the way

$20 a week put away is $1,040 by the end of the year, you can buy a 75" UHD TV for less than that at BJ's right now! Ignoring what overseas crap Walmart will sling you

Imagine what you could do with more, bigger, greater goals!

So this year, fuck those resolutions... set some direct, achievable goals for yourself, regularly

Get in this habit and it will set you up for success in every aspect of your life

Dream up you long term goal, and then layout steps along the way to get there

Create your building blocks to success and pave out an adventure fit for Indiana Jones

Everyone gets so focused on the end goal no one enjoys the path to getting there

When I go on road trips on the Harley, there will always be a beginning and an end, its going to be a long trip... why not make some stops along the way to make it more interesting

Yeah that's a Top Gun Gif.... because you can always be my wingman

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