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Proud To Be An American Podcast

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Hey Everyone, short and sweet on this bloggity blog.

We have been working tirelessly to sync together all our content we are producing. You can now watch all of our live podcasts on my facebook page @brent.walker.10, checkout the edited replays on youtube and the audio from out podcasts is now on spotify! Just Search for Proud To Be An American Podcast or you can find it here:

We are doing what we can to not only provide some wicked products made in America but we are also highlighting other products and reviewing them on the podcast.

Guests will start popping on here soon as we interview Veterans, Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, and Proud American Patriots on their favorite things about America or their favorite product Made in the USA.

Tune in weekly at 12noon EST on facebook and we will try to get the episodes edited and on all other platforms on Thursday or Friday if time allows. Checkout Episode 5 now!

Do you love America?

Damn right you do!

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